Specialized Services

Security Consultancy

Our security consultancy services have been developed through extensive industry experience and hands-on knowledge gained through the delivery of security testing, and in response to security incidents. Our security consultancy team provides a wide range of consulting services, including; professional advice, guidance, surveys, audits, and comprehensive assessments.

Additionally, our dedicated consultants are able to administer and oversee the implementation of all security measures, requirements, and procedures. This is vital to ensuring the safety and security of personnel, visitors, critical infrastructure, business locations, and offices.

Bespoke Consulting Services

Our security consultants provide clients with expert guidance, advice and conduct comprehensive assessments and surveys to clarify what is needed to protect them, and what’s important to them, at home and abroad.

Overall, we help clients plan, design, and enable a safe and secure environment for their businesses and homes. Our security consultancy service also covers;

  1. Security advisory services
  2. Security equipment sourcing
  3. Procurement and Installation of security gadgets and devices
  4. Development of Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Security needs assessment and Security surveys and mapping

Today’s corporate world is confronted with escalating security challenges that technology alone cannot address. Effective corporate training through qualified corporate trainers in actual situations is the only option that has been shown to reduce these dangers.

Armour-shield has extensive experience providing security training calibrated to each client’s needs, whether they are brief one-day introductory sessions, refresher courses or multi-day curriculums. We can deliver the course in any office environment, in several countries and languages utilizing the following assets:

  • Extensive presentations to your security professionals, which can be shared and passed on through your organization
  • Open discussions with the employees responsible for travel security implementation and monitoring
  • Easy-to-implement introduction to company travel policy and procedures
  • Table-top and scenario-based learning to build the confidence of your team

Our training usually covers the following;

  • Basic threat and risk analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation strategies
  • Preparation and implementation of security plans
  • Incident response and crisis management
  • Communication skills
  • Defensive driving
  • Hostile environment training
  • Selection, training, and supervision of security personnel
  • Methods of security intelligence gathering and preparation
  • Interaction with local authorities
  • Detecting hostile or suspicious activity in the workplace
  • Implementation of and training on Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

While providing services to our clients we identified that many organizations struggle to identify and procure quality security equipment. At Armour-shield, our wide network of contacts within the Security industry combined with our experience procuring security equipment and devices for our clients.

Cyber-attacks continue to hit the headlines worldwide, costing people and companies millions of dollars and damaging brand reputations. Today, cyber risk resides at the intersection of people and the technology they use every day. We provide concierge-level cyber security services for VIPs and executives, affluent individuals and families, family offices, professional practitioners and client advisors, and others that cherish their privacy and digital security.

We act as their resource and "coach" during onboarding and transitioning, and for help when the invariable tech-related issues arise. Along with best-in-class cyber security solutions using AI and advanced sciences, we introduce best practices and tips for greater practical understanding and application.

The combined experience advances every VIP client with the critical skills they require for survival and success in the new digital age. Our Cybersecurity-as-a-service coupled with VIP concierge service is a valuable solution for anyone with anything to lose in the digital age.

In today’s world, there are a growing number of threats and risks to personal safety. The expectations and security services required from an effective security company are increasingly demanding and complex.

That is why our security personnel are adequately equipped with the tools and skills required to carry out VIP & close protection services.

Our extensive VIP & close protection services mean that we are well equipped to deal with any situation – our security operators have experience working in some of the most hostile and high-risk environments.

Our close and VIP protection services cover;

  1. 24-hr protection personnel
  2. VIP Chauffeurs and Escort services (Security drivers and vehicles)
  3. Logistics and travel assistance
  4. Local security coordination
  5. Diplomatic interaction with local dignitaries
  6. Situational awareness training
  7. Event security
  8. Overt and covert surveillance
  9. Local law enforcement coordination